Formação Education


Myofascial Release Technique

With this technique trainers are able to release their students fascial tissue and help them overcome conditions where their fascia was damaged.

Keywords: Scar tissue, trigger points, fascial tissue, connective tissue


Art of Movement

This technique was inspired in a population of indigenous people, the Cherokees, who have less than 1% postural diseases and conditions. This people have strong feet, they move in a very natural way for their body’s and they never sit! With this knowledge I am able to reeducate the way we stand, walk and run.

Keywords: Squat, Cherokees, running technique, pressure points, toe-ga, postural training


Optimal Training

Based on mind and body studies, this is a line of training without many pain. With this technique the trainers are able to identify movement patterns and deconstruct them with their students to the point that is better for their quality of movement. It can be applied to all people including professional athletes to general people who just want to prevent injuries related to unbalanced movements.

Other tools:
  • Trainer Bag


Power-plate Instructor

Vibration training induces to involuntary contraction of muscle fibers. With this training tool we are able to complement the training by inducing the contraction of more fibers. We are also able to stretch and massage with this tool.

Other tools:
  • TRX. Suspension training
  • Kinesis Systems


Degree in Sports and Fitness

Subjects: biomechanics, anatomy, training cycles, guidelines, periodisation, tailor training sessions to people with special conditions, training protocols, CV training, instruction…

Mastered tools & techniques:
  • Fitness ball: Exercises to improve strength and core stability for all body
  • Medicine ball: General Fitness Exercise


Biology and Geology Degree (Teaching)

Subjects: human biology, genetics, hormones, biological cycles and organic and biochemistry’s. Look into every process in a deeper way (cardio vascular processes, respiratory processes, autoimmune diseases…)

  • Under biology: Master degree in Biology (in course)